Guide To Taming Anxiety

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If you can relate to the following,
This course is for you:

now Imagine this:

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Collapse time and rapidly get a handle on anxiety so you're not stuck in it for days.

Less dread about anxiety popping up, because even if it does you're confident you have the tools to get a handle on it.

Engaging in projects, presentations and conversations with spontaneity and confidence while you use your skills in the background.

Notice those self-doubt thoughts for what they are, just thoughts.

Feeling more connected to your body and more compassionate towards its' attempts to help you stay safe by activating anxiety.

I constantly worry if I'm doing a 'good enough job' at life.

I get swept up in second guessing myself and can't move forward.

I lose my ability to focus in conversations, presentations and important tasks.

I feel debilitated by that feeling in the pit of my stomach and get stuck dwelling on things.

I'm a 'go-getter' and a high-achiever (maybe even a little competitive) and I hold myself to high standards.

I float to past situations and question myself and my performance.

I’m falling behind and struggling to keep up because anxiety takes over.

I've tried 'all the things' and even talked about it in therapy, but didn't learn concrete solutions.

I don’t want to spend a lot of money shopping around for the right coach/therapist or go to in person therapy for weeks to learn the core evidence-based strategies.

This Mini-Course will teach you all the major concepts and tools that I go over with my clients to help them feel grounded and empowered, which usually takes multiple therapy sessions.

Now you can access this knowledge in your own time.

When you purchase this course you'll get instant access to me, teaching you and and guiding you through learning tools that you can begin practicing immediately. 

reclaim your power

with the

You have standards for yourself.
you want to be the best possible version of yourself,
and still....
the anxiety and self-doubt just. won't. quit!

I got you girl.

How much longer will you let self-doubt and anxiety run the show?

Hey, I'm Katy!

I’m a licensed mental health therapist (LCSW 28768) in the state of California as well as a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) - Linehan Board of Certification, Certified Clinician™,  with a passion for working with ambitious women and seeing them rise!

I have 13+ years of experience providing specialty mental health services and treating a variety of mental health conditions including PTSD, Social Anxiety, Major Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder.

My mission has always been to leave this world better than I found it, and I find so much meaning through authentic human connection. I love sharing the tools I was privileged to learn in my career, some of which have actually been around for thousands of years.

These tools have also assisted me personally in coping with the stress and anxiety that comes along with this life, and have helped me find more calm in a chaotic world. 

What is anxiety costing you?


Success in your career?

Your Goals & Dreams?

Joy & Ease?

it doesn't have to be this way

What do you get in the course?

A detailed understanding of how anxiety works in the nervous system, so you can stop 'fighting' with it, and start 'taming' it.  Once you see how the Mind/Body connection works, you can start befriending your anxiety. ($145 value)

A toolbox of the most powerful, research based tools used to treat anxiety including aspects from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Beck, 1960), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (Linehan, 1970) and other well established Evidence-Based Practices. 
($580 value)

A 10-Page workbook where you will write out your own personalized plan for Taming Anxiety, and track your practice of your newly learned skills.
($40 Value)

A skillset for what to do when nothing else works, and how to 'ride the waves' of anxiety.  I'll guide you on 'next steps' when needing additional resources.   
($50 Value)

Let's do this

$850 Value

Lifetime access to the course, including any updates that are made or bonus modules that are added.  

A guided somatic 'Centerline' Meditation to help you practice body awareness and grounding.
($35 Value)


How This Course is Changing Lives

" After completing this course I feel much more informed and knowledgeable about anxiety and how to manage it. Katy does an excellent job at explaining emotions and making the topic easily relatable to others. For someone who has discussed anxiety with many people in the past, Katy is one of the first who has broken the topic down so eloquently and easy to understand."

- danielle c.

"Seriously everyone needs this after 2020! I took the course “A Guide to Taming Anxiety” and I would describe this as THE Anxiety Masterclass. I love that the lessons are in a format that are broken up into reasonable lengths that are engaging, easy to understand and relatable. I also love that the course came with a workbook so that I can continue to do the work on a regular basis."

- Liz M.

"It's so refreshing to hear that your feelings and emotions are natural.  This course helped me to understand the "why" and what you can do to calm the noise and move forward."

- Courtney b.

-Lily P.

"Katy manages to get inside my head and decode the mysterious roots of my anxiety, as well as create a game plan for how to process and move forward. She teaches in a kind, mindful, yet matter-of-fact way that leaves me feeling understood. Everyone with anxiety needs this in their mental health toolkit!"

“Taking The Guide to Taming Anxiety course gave me insight into why and how people react to anxiety, and also the ability to recognize behavioral patterns that stem from anxiety not only in myself but in others as well.”

-Jaki c.

“Very pleased with the thorough explanations in this course!  Katy makes it very easy to understand the topics.  She helped me to ease my mind, and I feel empowered to make those 'big feelings' become more manageable in my day-to-day life.”

-L. anna

ok I'm in!

Common Questions

How do I know this course will help?  

This course contains research based information that has been studied over decades to be beneficial in addressing anxiety.  I have fine tuned my understanding of the tools I'm teaching from years of use with my clients.  This course will not be your final step in navigating challenges in life, it is just a part of a lifelong journey.   As with anything, you will get what you put in.   If you don't practice and apply what is learned, it will be of no help to you.

What support will I get?

I will be alongside you throughout this course and available to answer any questions that come up.  You can reach out within the course portal and I will respond within a business day to ensure you gain clarity and understanding.  Having taught these methods for many years I know the questions that arise and anticipate these in my teaching.

I don't think I have time for this.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with time management, that is an indicator that this course is deeply needed!  Maybe you spend so much energy in worry/stress (or fixing missteps) that your focus/productivity is low.  In learning to manage your anxiety more effectively, you will naturally create more time in your life.

What if it's stuff I already know, or I've already tried?

This course thoroughly covers a wide variety of theories and tools related to anxiety management, so it's likely that you may recognize some of the concepts.  The timing of when we learn things really matters.  If we learn something when we're not ready to apply it, sometimes we have to re-learn it at a later time when more prepared and willing.  When it comes to 'trying' different tools to manage anxiety, there will definitely be times when certain things you try won't work.  This is why it's important to have a large toolbox to explore (as this course includes), so when one tool doesn't work you can try another.  Being resilient in practicing self-care and management of anxiety is important.  If one thing doesn't work, giving up won't lead to finding a more helpful solution.

'It’s someone else’s job to change my life and make me feel better.'

'I’m not ready to commit the time and energy to learn to manage my anxiety'.

This course does not take the place of therapeutic work with a licensed therapist, but it's a good starting point if you're wanting to explore solutions in your own time, from the comfort of your own home, without having to 'shop around' for the right therapist who is specialized in this skillset


This course is not for you.

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